Innovations in Salud Mesoamérica Initiative

The Initiative is working to reduce health equity gaps in the countries of Mesoamerica through an innovative regional work system. This system combines public and private funding to deal with significant challenges, using a new results-based financing model.

Main Innovations of the Initiative:

  • This is the first regional initiative of this magnitude.
  • For the first time, funds from country governments are being combined with funds from two major private foundations to finance operations.
  • Progress is marked by joint work with the governments, which determines many aspects of the timetables, follow-up, transparency, etc.
  • The Initiative features a new results-based financing model (RBF).

Main Innovations in Operations:

Biomedical Innovations

  • Introduction of zinc in the management of diarrhea in children 5 years of age
  • Introduction of micronutrients to reduce anemia in children 6 to 24 months old
  • Use of a hydrostatic balloon for management of obstetric hemorrhages
  • Late tying-off of umbilical cord
  • Ongoing availability of the 5 modern family-planning methods

Service Management

  • Introduction of a results-based financing model (RBF) at the national level
  • Introduction of incentives in both supply and demand at the local level
  • Strategy of culturally appropriate childbirth care
  • Extensive use of payment per capita or per product for healthcare planning

Confirmation of Results and Assessment of Impact

  • Payment for results: progress in effective coverage (anemia, seroconversion through vaccination…)
  • Assessment of the Initiative’s RBF model at the national level
  • Rigorous assessment of the impact of incentives on demand (communities, pregnant women, midwives…)
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